Luis Avila the President and CEO of Family Produce was introduced to the Restaurant’s industry when worked in a Restaurant and met the necessity that those business face when does not count with a good, reliable supplier and proposed to himself to be that company where customers can find a partner where to rely on when need it the most.

About Us

Humble Beginnings

Luis started working at the age of 16 years old at a fast food restaurant, for 4 years, he obtain his first sales opportunity in a Italian food service distribution company as a sales person, selling groceries to stores and after one year of employment there became a buyer of Hispanic products, bringing new market and ideas to the company.

While working there he discovered his passion for sales, worked there for over 10 years, and picturing him being able to transport and sell all that product inside of the big truck made him feel the greatest of the feelings. He grew up knowing that someday he would result accountable for giving jobs to people, and a great service to customers.

Luis worked hard throughout his life, with discipline, responsibility and self-motivation learned to be empathic and naturally inquisitive, and by always believing in his dream felt inspired, with the hand of his Wife Stephanie opened up his own company a 15th of April of 2015.

Mission & Vision

Initially started with a small warehouse of 3000 sq. feet located in Franklin Park, IL.

Within the first year they already needed a bigger warehouse, what lead them after two years to move to Des Plaines IL. to a 25,000 sq. warehouse, and continuing to grow in a very fast phase. Started with a refrigerated 24-foot straight truck, and soon at 6 months bought their first tractor trailer and started adding drivers.

As of 2020 Family Produce have 8 refrigerated delivering trucks.

What the future holds

Ambitiously looking for new opportunities they are planning keep the highest standards.

Looking forward to buy a new bigger warehouse in 2021 for all the products, expecting to exceed the expectations with their loyal customers by continuing providing the best of the services, the perfect balance between prices and high-quality products.

With their Exclusive brand of MR. DELICIOSO EZ MELT QUESO for cheese dip, and MR. MEXICANISIMO EZ MELT CHEESE being a number one customer preference brands.