full line of food service products

We deliver the best products to all grocery stores and restaurants in midwestern United States, including Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.

we Aquire the products

We aquire the best products markets can offer for a fair price.

Package and Store

We safely package and store the products so they are as fresh and ready to deliver!

Deliver to You

With a refrigerated truck we deliver the products straight to Your door!


Did you know that apart from delivering You the best products on the market we alse manufacture our own?

MR. DELICIOSO and MR. MEXICANISMO are line of products that taste of Mexico, and Family Fresh Produces focuces on groceries and produce!

We use our experience and passion to create the most delicious tastes, and we want to share them with You!

Aquiring the products

Firstly we carefully select the best manufacturers in the Country. After the selection personally inspect and aquire the goods that we later deliver to You!

We make sure the products are fresh and of highest quality, so You can be fully satisfied with our service!


We care about the storage. It is important that fresh and prepacked produce is stored with care and safety.

We make sure that the products You aquire are as fresh as they were when they left the orchard or the chickencoop!


With a fleet of refrigerated trucks we deliver the goods straight to Your door.

We are proud to have a fleet of 8 refrigerated trucks that cruise straight from the warehouse to our clients.